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Palace Museum in Beijing.Pe▓ng said children orphaned by AIDS, despi▓te their nationality or race, are the future of t▓he world.It is the common responsibility of socie▓ty to love and care for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, so that they can grow up soundly and happi▓ly, said Peng.The event was a part of the follow-up actions of a China-Africa anti-AIDS advocacy campaign launched by Peng an

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in the Sunshine"-- the 2016 China-Africa Children Summer Camp, at the

d the Organization of Afri▓can First Ladies against HIV/AIDS on the ▓sidelines of the Johannesburg Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in South Africa last year.T▓he summer camp, sponsored by the Chinese Associat▓ion of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control, has been held six times since 2010.Fifty-seven children orphaned by AIDS from China, South ▓Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe attend the su▓mmer c